Honest Kids Grape Juice Pouch
I’m already a big fan of the Honest Tea drink pouches for kids, which are a special treat around my house. But now they’ve made a big adjustment to the ingredients which means these already healthy drinks for kids now have even less sugar than they did before. 

Along with the pretty package redesign, there’s a great change on the inside. The folks at Honest Tea Kids ditched the organic cane sugar for juice, which dropped the drink’s already low sugar count even lower. Try 9g per pouch–by far the lowest out there when it comes to juice boxes for kids. Pretty amazing. And the best part is that my kids don’t even taste the difference. These libations are still yummy and delicious, just more wholesome.
If you’re worried about all those pouches piling up, check out Honest Tea’s cool TerraCycle recycling program, which allows you to collect the pouches and trade them in for points, which can be redeemed for prizes or cash donations to your kids’ school or favorite charity. Honestly awesome. -Kristen 

You can purchase the new Honest Tea pouches for kids at your local shopping market starting this month and nationwide by January 2013. 

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