I’ve said before that I love Braille jewelry as a more subtle option for mom jewelry than traditional printed text. I’m feeling the same way about these handmade pendants. Do they look just like dots to you? Look again…

Constellation necklace | Julie Nolan

In fact, these are hand-drilled constellation pendant necklaces,
which I think are a cooler way to wear your baby’s birth sign without
some cheesy illustration or a typical astrological symbol. Shown here is Scorpio, but
there are 11 more to choose from, of course. They’re all made in
Brooklyn by artist Julie Nolan, who bases her designs on a Swiss
calendar from the 1900s. I happen to like the brass pendants, but the
sterling ones are elegant as well, as are some powder-coated options.

Julie Nolan Mommy+Me constellation necklace

Also don’t miss the very affordable custom mommy and me necklace
(above) which allows you to add two designs together. Because as we all know,
our children are our sun and moon and stars. Except maybe right before
bedtime. –Liz

Find the constellation pendant necklaces from Julie Nolan on Etsy.

[h/t geeksugar]