Little Master Stoker's Dracula board book | BabyLit

Jennifer Adams and Allison Oliver hooked us with their beautiful BabyLit counting and color board books based on classic literature like Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre. They’ve done it again–this time, with a counting Count Dracula.

Little Master Stoker’s Dracula is a very different counting count, spookier than the snuggly number-maestro of Sesame Street, and perfect for Halloween. Just a little bit dark (think semisweet chocolate), and just as modern and pretty as the other books in the BabyLit family, Dracula uses imagery from Bram Stoker’s original Dracula tale to teach counting from one to ten.

The illustrations are atmospheric and lovely, merging moody colors with sweetly smiling characters and wolves too adorable to scare anybody. Two friends and five heroes await eager counters–amid a setting of six tombstones and nine boxes (actually the most darling coffins ever, but hush).

Whether you’ve got a girlfriend due on the 31st, you love the classics, or you still cling to your black t-shirts and Cure CDs (as I do!), this is one baby book that smartly combines literature and art with a fanged, goth-y grin. And if your wee baby bat scares easily, have no fear: Dracula is perched on the book cover looking dapper and dastardly, but he’s nowhere to be found inside the book. You can count on it.  –Delilah
Find Little Master Stoker’s Dracula at your local indie bookstore or our affiliate, Amazon.

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