My boring ol’ to-do list may grow hourly, though it’s way more fun to think about my “want to do” (often more morbidly called a bucket list) which is filled with all those things that sound like fun, an adventure, or just something I know would make my heart sing.

And now there’s an amazing place online where I can share these thoughts, no matter how crazy or trivial, and maybe even find others who might be able to give me the nudge to check them off my list.

Go Mighty Lists

Go Mighty is a new community website that offers a space for that life list of hopes and dreams. Wish you could be a clown in a circus for the day? Cool. Want to build a Habitat for Humanity house? Write it down. Dreaming about jumping from a plane? Hell, no! Oh, wait: Yes! Maybe for you, but not this mom of three.

Created by Maggie Mason, CMP friend, blogger, and the brainchild behind the popular Mighty Girl, Go Mighty is for us practical dreamers with some far-out goals that we actually want to achieve.

stacey ferguson's go mighty list

What gives me a lump-in-the-throat feeling is reading all the personal stories behind the goals, from big to small. Like Alice Bradley’s commitment to draw every day, or Brittany Gibbons’ lofty dream to create a Girl’s Weekend Travel Show.  But, if you’d rather not share your dream of dancing naked by the Seine with the entire internet, it’s easy to make anything private and for-your-eyes only.

sarah bryden brown's go mighty list
One interesting way Mighty Girl hopes to help its users achieve these goals is by securing some corporate sponsorships. And while “corporate sponsorships” has me envisioning myself wearing a Coca-Cola jumpsuit while handing out coupons as I juggle at the circus, I trust that it will end up being way cooler than that, knowing Maggie.

In jotting your ideas down onto your Go Mighty list and making them a little more “real,” perhaps you’ll find others who share your seemingly oddball wish to jump rope on the Great Wall of China. Or you may meet someone who has done just that and has all the tips. 
Hopefully, more of those “Want To Do’s” may go on your “Cool Things I’ve Done” list. Dreams don’t end just because you’ve become a parent. Christina

The brand-new Go Mighty website is currently invite-only through the button on their home page, and the site is rolling out some features–like connecting with others–shortly.

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