Mom, Inc.: Running a successful business from home
As a mama, I have big dreams: making cute-yet-healthy snacks, being a role model, kissing boo-boos like a champ. As an employee, I have the same dreams (except maybe the boo-boos part). I want to do it all…but I’m not always sure where to start. You know how it goes.

This new book might help us accomplish our lofty goals–well, at least a few of them.

Mom, Meg Mateo Ilasco and Cat Seto, is full of smart, accessible advice for busy mamas seeking to launch home businesses. And believe me, these women know their stuff: Ilasco is an artist and writer, and Seto heads a successful line of stationery and wedding products sold across the country.

What I most love about the book is that it offers far more than the usual “you can do it!” cheerleading. Seto and Ilasco serve up valuable, savvy tips on topics such as creating a solid product, starting an online retail shop, and even producing a viable blog. They also offer useful wisdom on topics that aren’t business-specific, but are definitely business-related–like how to get your spouse on board. After all, a new business is a lot like a new baby. It’s good to have both partners on the same page, right?
The pages are also peppered with inspiring advice from successful mom-preneurs, like designer Cynthia Rowley and Style Me Pretty blogger Abby Larson. The book especially impressed me with its smarts: no talking-down, no jargon. Just smart, enterprising words for the smart, enterprising mamas we all are (or aspire to be).Lexi

Kick off your new business with Mom, Inc. The book is available at our affiliate Amazon.

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