Harry Potter Quiet Book
Kids may need to wait until their 11th birthdays before they can start looking for a Hogwarts acceptance letter, but there’s no reason to keep the magical world of Harry Potter away from our youngest wizards. 

If you’ve got some good ol’ muggle sewing skills and a penchant for the Boy Who Lived, here’s one quiet book for which you’ll want to yell, Accio! 

Created by Julie Gillrie, whose quiet books we have loved for quite a while, Harry Potter and the Quiet Book has totally put a spell on me with its special little details and hands-on tricks.
Harry Potter and the Quiet Book
With the PDF instructions and your own materials, skill, and patience, you can create something truly special for the young Harry Potter fan-to-be. I can’t get over how much thought went into each page, from the use of elastic to allow Harry to “fly” across the page to grab the snitch, to the dress-up Hermione doll with multiple outfits. Don’t worry, nothing gets too intense or scary, as evidenced by the bright yellow birds flying around Mr. Weasley’s out-of-control car–no Whomping Willow in sight.
Hermione dress up
Ron's car
Harry Potter letter
This may be a bit beyond my own skill level–which is of more limited to staple-and-glue type of crafts–but those of you who are comfortable with a sewing machine should have far less trouble. Plus, when this incredible 11-page book apparates in front of your child, they will surely be charmed by it. –Christina
Order the printable PDF instructions for this Harry Potter inspired quiet book from juliebell. If you want to read (or reread) the series, grab them on ebook at the Pottermore book store. And we have some inspiration for a Harry Potter birthday party too.
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