Letterpress cookies!
My son has been obsessed with the alphabet since he was two years old–so much so, that he was the alphabet for Halloween two years in a row (ask me how I pulled off those costumes). And his nickname? Letter Boy. I kid you not. 

So you can imagine how excited I was to find these alphabetastic cookie cutters. Because what’s better for an alphabet-obsessed kid than the ABCs masquerading as COOKIES?

 LETTERpressed alphabet cookie cutters | The Spoon Sisters

LETTERPressed cookie cutters, from the always fun company The Spoon Sisters, come with all 26 letters, an ampersand and exclamation point, packed into a reusable storage tray–all this for a friendly $21. Think of all the fun things you can now say in baked goods, like I Love You, Marry Me, or for my family, How Do You Like Your Cookies Now, Letter Boy? –Shari

Find LETTERPressed cookie cutters and many other fun gifts at The Spoon Sisters website.