Creative kits by Makedo
Some partnerships make beautiful music together, but this one makes fantastically creative artwork.

If you order from Threadless soon, you might find a very special surprise packed in with your artist-designed t-shirts.

Our pals at Threadless have partnered with our other pals at Makedo to celebrate and reward thinking outside the box. Right now, Threadless will randomly pack Makedo kits into their regular orders, encouraging customers to create unique and wacky projects using what Wired magazine has called, the “World’s Best Toy.”

The artists are then encouraged to upload their creations to the Threadless website, which enters them in a weekly drawing to win even more fun project kits from Makedo. One Grand Prize Winner will receive a gigantic collection of reusable Makedo packs, plus $500. Whoo!

So if you’ve been planning a Threadless order, now’s a great time to get in on the fun. Your kids will love Makedo kits, which include reusable brads, hinges, and connectors that allow you to turn any sort of box, jug, or other household packaging material into pretty much anything you can imagine. And there are already some exciting projects up on the Threadless + Makedo page.

Whether you cross your fingers and order some adorable Threadless shirts or just want to get your Makedo kits straight from the source, we hope you’ll get in there and create, mamas! –Delilah

Find out more at Threadless + Makedo. And make sure you send us a link to your creation, if you plan to get it on the fun!

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