N is for Nitrogen!
N is for…nitrogen? And: nerdy niftiness. We’re not about to quibble when N stands for something far more unusual than nest.

We brought you the Periodic Table Blocks, and now we’ve got something to hang on the wall over Little Miss Curie’s crib: the Nn is for Nitrogen print from ModernPOP on Etsy.

Printed in stunning red and navy archival inks against radiant white watercolor paper, this 8″ x 8″ marriage of science and art has the contrast that attracts baby attention–for serious babies who dig mostly inert gases. And don’t all babies love gas? –Delilah
Find the Nn is for Nitrogen print at ModernPOP on Etsy. They also have other lovely prints of letters, numbers, animals, cars, and robots, but no other elements. 

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