Seeking out the best first Christmas and holiday gift ideas for babies each year for our holiday gift guide is one of my very favorite parts of the job. With a lot of schmaltz out there, a lot of bad sweaters, and a lot of mass produced trinkets oddly labeled “keepsakes,” we take this category very seriously!

So we’re happy that our sponsor,, has asked us to share some of our very favorite special gift ideas for babies. (After all, they know a liiiittle something about holidays too, if you check their amazing selection of cards online.)

Here are 16 ideas that we think really do feel special–the kinds of things you can pull out year after year to help you reminisce about 2012 when Emma or Julian was more interested in the gift wrap than anything else. Well, it is true. At least for now.


Custom Silhouette Felt Christmas Stockings
Custom Silhouette Stocking
($30 at Silhouette Shop)
Nativity Matryoshka
Nativity Matryoshka
($15, Spoon Sisters)
Ralph Lauren Tartan-Lined Velour Blanket
Tartan Lined Velour Blanket
($45, Ralph Lauren)
Jonathan Adler Circus Clown Ornament
Circus Clown Ornament
($28, Jonathan Adler)
Little Alouette Wood Nativity Scene
Hand carved wooden Nativity Set
$75 from Little Alouette
Personalized First Christmas Music Box


Pewter Chai Spoon
Pewter Baby Chai Spoon
($24, Chasing Fireflies)
Hanukkah Block Set Menorah
Menorah block set
($20, Storyblox)
handmade hanukkah soft book
Handmade Hanukkah Soft Book
($12.98 at Children’s Woodland)
Hebrew Name Bracelet
Custom Hebrew Name Plate Bracelet
($47, Paula B Design)
Aleph Bet Hebrew Block Set
Hebrew Aleph Bet Blocks
($36, Modern Tribe)


Snowflake Baby Booties
Snowflake Baby Booties
($20CAD, Good Wishes Quilts)
Custom Mini Tag Charm


Handmade custom mini tag for a charm bracelet
($70-90, Heart and Stone Jewelry)


Personalized Ceramic Bowl Ornament
Snowflake Onesie
Snowflake Baby Onesie
($15, Hold Fast Modernworks)
Snow Globe
personalized holiday photo card |

A huge special thanks to our sponsor for sponsoring this holiday gift guide post. And be sure to check their site for tons of great customizable holiday cards and invitations for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s and more.

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