Sorry, kid. You can’t have a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas, but we hear your Aunt Clara sent you something extra special and handmade to hang on the tree.

You guys love A Christmas Story as much as we do, right?

Ralphie Christmas ornament

This A Christmas Story ornament from made by gwen on Etsy is entirely made by hand and lovingly titled The Pink Nightmare. Ralphie’s a little short at only 5.5″ tall, but all his details are hand-painted and embroidered, including tiny bunny faces on each foot and a fuzzy tail on back. 

Oh, and as it’s an ornament, Ralphie is ready to hang himself. I mean, hang on the tree. Or both, probably.

If you love the idea but have unfortunate holiday flashbacks about beating up Scut Farkus, made by gwen has tons of other lovely handmade felt ornaments, around themes like Portal, Breaking Bad, Peanuts, Ron Swanson, Nintendo, Nyan Cat, and an entire parliament of owls. -Delilah

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