Personalized gift idea: custom photo iPhone casesWhether you need last-minute gifts or a way to make the tech under the tree extra special, here are some of our favorite picks from the past week.

1. Giving the gift of a fancy tech gadget? Take this extra step to make a tech gift truly special and unique.

2. Want a personalized visit from Santa in your own home? You won’t believe what this app can do, and the website version is free!

3. Maybe the best ever free holiday tag printables we’ve seen. Seriously.

4. When is a Silent Night not actually silent? We have three beautiful answers to that riddle.

5. Looking for the best handheld gaming devices for kids who are craving a certain little battery-operated something under the tree? We’ve got the scoop to help you pick the best one..

Bonus: If you’re still freaking out over the changes to the Instagram ToS, we’ve got the complete scoop on the changes, directions for backing up your photos, and the deets on viable alternatives like the new Flickr app and Picmonkey Royale.