Fabric bins are fine for the kids, but this gorgeous storage solution is just for you. If you love books, you’ll be glad to know you’re giving a new home to abandoned tomes, all while enlivening your bookshelf with the prettiest box on the block.
And, yes, they’ll fit perfectly on that Expedit shelf from Ikea.
Upcycled book storage box

The Original Modern Library Storage Bin from Able and Baker on Etsy is an elegant new solution for maximizing storage space on your bookshelves. Each 12″ by 12″ by 8″ box is handmade in Southern California of furniture quality 9-ply maple and completed with a hand-selected collection of book covers. 

Yes, we initially drew back in pain at the thought of all those books chopped up, but Able and Baker are very clear regarding the source of the books in question. As it turns out, their next stop would be the dump, and we’d much rather see books upcycled than tossed out. Each box is utterly unique, and you never know which books you’re going to get. They also donate a portion of proceeds to the Books for Kids Foundation.
Modern Library Storage Bin
Book box of blocks!
Although they look sturdy, we advocate keeping these beauties away from the kids. Haven’t the poor books suffered enough? –Delilah
Organize your shelves with the Original Modern Library Storage Bin at Able and Baker on Etsy. They are currently taking orders for late January.