The idea of a bucket list of sorts is wonderful, although the name itself has always been a little morbid. Still, I’ve been really like the idea of making lists for myself that don’t include things like “lose weight.” And now there’s a new website made exclusively to help you find the things you want to do, and cross off the ones you have. As the name might tell you.

Done | Not Done screen shot

Done | Not Done is such a fun idea, and very nicely executed. It’s essentially like social bucket-list-making. You sign up for a free account, connect through Facebook or Twitter, and the site or iPhone app connects you with friends. 

Done | Not Done social sharing
Next, it asks you to rate favorite movies, books and albums, or note the ones on your list to get to some day.  The prompts to get you started are fun and easy to follow. I mean, you can’t go wrong with Casablanca.

Done | Not Done movie list
Done | Not Done comments

Also be sure to add at least one thing to your Not Done list. Just to give you something to strive for. Then you can see what your friends recommend by category, or what they want to get around to, too. Or simply search for those things you know you want to rate or add to a Not Done list.

The interface is really clean and aesthetically pleasing–not surprisingly it’s from the same designers who brought us Teux Deux–and it’s got a certain indie sensibility (lots of Wes Anderson and Woody Allen movies in the initial prompts). The search isn’t quite perfect yet however; it seems to pull from various sites to give you cover art and descriptions for movies, books and music; though type in “The White Album” and you get 22 options, none of which are the from the Beatles.

The site just launched so don’t expect to find too many friends there yet, until you encourage them to join.

I suppose there’s something to be said with making your media wish list public so that you get to it eventually. Nothing like being shamed into finally reading Half The Sky, a year after all your friends have. –Liz

Check out the website Done | Not Done and the free Done Not Done iPhone App from the design collective, Fictive Kin.

[thanks, tina!]