Nothing finishes off a nursery like a beautiful handmade quilt. A mix of modern and handmade can create a stunning element of decor, especially in a child’s space, but there’s no reason artfully crafted baby quilts can’t be put to use as real blankets too, when they’re made as well as these are.

Handmade modern baby quilts | Painted and Patched

These breathtaking handmade baby quilts by Painted & Patched
are each unique, original work of art. Made from the finest fabrics in
England today plus hand-dyed silks, soft eco cottons and peace
silks, each quilt is made look better and better over time.

All of Painted
& Patched patchwork designs are limited edition, retired after a
certain number of pieces are made. So you know that you are getting
something super special.

Handmade baby quilts | Painted and Patched

can choose from a variety of pretty colors. I like that some are great for either boy
or girl so it can truly be passed down from child to child–or generation to generation. –Kirsten

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