Children's Travel LogBook Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have a father who traveled for work and could take us with him on many of his trips. The sad part: I don’t have much of a written record of all our flying adventures. 

Now that I’m married to a pilot, my kids are afforded a similar luxury, but unlike me, I want them to be able to record their travels. And I think I found just the way for them to do it. 

The adorable Children’s Flight Logbook is a creation by Australian mom Bronwyn Darnoc, who got the idea during a long flight to Europe with her little one and was reminded of how much she treasured her own flight logbook growing up. The journal is about the size of a passport, and actually looks a bit like one of the first page, where your child can add a photo and information about themselves. 
Children's Travel Journal
The rest of the book is filled with pages where kids can track their flights with specific information (like destination, airline, and flight number) and then talk about their voyage. If your kids aren’t old enough, you can fill them in yourself, which actually makes a lovely keepsake.

Oh, the stories I could tell about my kids on planes.

There are all sorts of other goodies in the back of the logbook, like a time-zone chart, places-I’ve-visited checklist, and conversion list. I love how it comes with a pocket so you can add ticket stubs or your drink receipts (heh). Such a lovely gift for kids of any age who do or will spend lots of time in the sky. -Kristen

You can purchase the Children’s Flight Logbook at Simply For Flying. Prices are in Euros, but it’s about $20 + $7 in shipping to the USA.