New mothers are a special breed and require a special regimen. On the feeding front? Give them whatever they want and back away slowly, telling them how beautiful they are. And when it comes to caring for them, you can’t go wrong pampering their tired bodies with lovely, all-natural formulations that make them feel relaxed, reenergized, and glowing.

So basically my advice is this: give them this kit, maybe garnished with a chocolate cake.

Farmaesthetics body care for new moms at Cool Mom Picks


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Farmaesthetics has the sort of website that makes me salivate: row after row of beautiful bottles, intriguing piles of herbs, and the word nourishing used over and over again. After giving birth both times, I especially needed to be nourished. 

This woman-run business features all-natural products from locally sourced ingredients that completely exclude artificial preservatives, parabens, petroleum products, talc, fillers, dyes, and synthetic fragrances. I tried the New and Nursing Mothers collection, and it was a joy from unwrapping the pretty box to sampling the products within. Although everything was lovely, the stand-out products for me were the Hand to Heel Softening Salve, which made my winter-chapped hands and nose feel soothed and cozy, and the Field Lavender Solar Salt Mineral Bath, which looks as beautiful and relaxing as it feels once you’re soaking in it.

Hand to Heel Softening Salve at Cool Mom Picks

For the full Farmaesthetics experience, I suggest adding the bath salts and a little bit of Lemon Balm Remedy Oil to a warm bath, soaking for an hour while reading, then getting out and rubbing the Nourishing Lavender Milk into every inch of skin on your body. Slather feet with Hand to Heel Softening Salve and put on cozy socks. Rub Deep Lavender Rub into your chest, neck, and shoulders. Enjoy the best night of sleep you’ve had in months while someone else watches the baby. Then wake up and eat the rest of that chocolate cake for breakfast.

I’m not a new or nursing mother, but I adored every product. It’s hard to imagine a sweeter gift than the opportunity to heal, relax, and beautify the body that’s been working so hard at motherhood. Delilah

Find the New & Nursing Mothers collection at Farmaesthetics.

Congratulations to Kristi P!  She won a New and Nursing Mother Gift Set from Farmaesthetics.  

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