My girls have this ridiculous obsession with lip balm. Considering how it’s actually on their lips (and thus, entering their digestive system, let’s be honest) I tend to be more conscientious about lip balm ingredients than even things like kids’ nail polishes.

Shelissa Organics Lip Balms | Cool Mom Picks

The brand new line of organic kids’ lip balms from eco-beauty fave Shelissa Organics is handcrafted in the US from organic and local plants, including sunflower oil, beeswax, coconut oil, and Vitamin E oil. No petroleum, no icky chemicals, no animal testing. It gets a big thumbs up from my kids–and the EWG cosmetics database.

They feel pretty slick and rich going on–not “fizzy” which is what my kindergartener calls the menthol-y stuff that tingles, like my own lip balm mainstay, Burt’s Bees. As for the super-fruity scents, they’re probably not something most adults would gravitate toward, but for kids and even teens, it’s hard to resist Strawberry Fields Forever, Life’s a Bowl of Cherries, and Orange You Glad I Said Tangerine (ha). Even my seven-year-old calls them “very strong flavors,” but in a seven-year-old world, that’s a plus.

Also? Just $10 for a 3-pack sampler set. Not bad. Think stocking stuffers, party favors, or just a calorie-free treat for your kids that still smells like Starbursts. –Liz

Find kid-safe organic kids’ lip balms and other organic beauty products online from Shelissa Organics. And yes, they deliver to Canada and the UK too.


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