It was inevitable that with the proliferation of monthly boxes for moms, that someone would come along with a version for dads. And we’re pleased to see it has nothing to do with “reminding” dads that they are incapable of cooking or changing diapers; but rather, it’s about dads who like to play with their kids. Shocker, right?


Cooper & Kid gift box | on Cool Mom Picks


The stunningly designed and conceived Cooper and Kid box is jam packed with $65 worth of fun–which had honestly be a whole lot of fun at that price point. Still, it seems to give you your money’s worth in spades, with a host of goodies ad cool toys around a flying theme, in the first box.

I checked it out and discovered a DIY catapult launcher kit, a Chinese butterfly kite thingie, a bedtime story, a list of great digital resources and more, for a total of up to 9 well-curated activities.

cooper and kid subscription box for dads | cool mom picks

To be sure, it’s far more thoughtful than just a bunch of toys in a box. My favorite part in fact might be the Cooper & Kid Airplane Food Cookbook. No, dont run away–that’s not a bad thing! I’s a cleverly designed booklet with ideas and recipes for hosting a fun dinner with your kid, starting with bags of peanuts, moving through salad and a chicken dinner, and ending with DIY Biscoff Cookies.

(For real authenticity, invite your kids using the enclosed “boarding passes.” For real real authenticity, don’t force your kid to eat anything but the peanuts and the dessert.)

The way the kit works is you order the first one, then every three months you’ll get a new one until you opt out. It seems like they’re waiting for enough subscribers to get the second box off the ground, but until then, even a single box would make an awesome Father’s Day Gift–or even a cool kids’ birthday gift that they won’t wait to tear into.

Fly High, Fly Guy!Of course the standard gender caveats of mine apply here: No, this is not something that only dads and boys can play with. I mean, sure there are helicopters and shooty things  but there’s nothing that would preclude a girl from enjoying it. In fact my own daughters are super psyched to put together the working catapult and my kindergartener can’t stop reading Fly High, Fly Guy!

And mamas, if you do have a real boy-y boy at home–or any kids at all who like to get out and do fun stuff–this is a great way for you to enjoy time with them too.

As for the higher price, it comes to about $100 worth of stuff so if you look at it that way, the box is quite the deal. Besides, if it helps get you outside on a Saturday with some of your favorite childhood activities instead of a mind-numbing gaming system, that’s it’s money well spent. Creating memories with your kids always is, in my book. –Liz

Order the first Cooper and Kid box and stand by for subscription info about the second box which is slated to ship in another 3 months or so.