My Path to Motherhood

As the Big Day approaches (and that’s Mother’s Day with a capital M), our thoughts turn to mothering: our own mothering, how we were mothered, and “holy mutha, did you see how expensive greeting cards are now?!”

Of course, the internet and parenting bloggers give testament to just how important this job/calling/biological necessity is, and a new series of essays provides a sweet, multi-layered and often funny read for all you cool literary moms out there.

Curated by Meagan Francis, blogger and author of The Happiest Mom, the series of essays entitled My Path to Motherhood showcase personal stories of unique journeys to parenthood, celebrating the many different roads to a common destination.

The heartfelt stories include infertility struggles, being a stepmother, unexpected difficulties with delivery  and the angst of trying to decide when is the best time to start trying for a family

If you’re looking for some new voices just like you who tell their tales beautifully, hop over to “My Path to Motherhood” for some simpatico. –Shari

Find My Path to Motherhood tales on The Happiest Home blog.