This cool website has one goal: to help teach kids valuable lessons in helping other kids in need. The really cute shirts just happen to be a bonus.

Helping build soccer fields in Africa at Cool Mom Picks!

Each month, Mightee Kids works with one special charity to craft a gorgeous, soft, kids’ tee shirt with a stylish design based on that month’s cause. You can buy individual shirts or sign up for a monthly t-shirt subscription (at a discounted rate). The shirt shows up in your mailbox along with a brochure that will help you discuss the cause, why it’s important, and how kids can take action, including how $5 of your shirt’s purchase price is helping other kids.


Also, cute. Here are a couple of the past tees that I like.

Cool kids' tees by Mightee Kids | Cool Mom Picks

Kids' shirts for a cause at Mightee Kids | Cool Mom Picks

Last month’s tee supported autism, and this month’s tee helps build soccer fields and provide soccer balls in Africa to help protect kids from war and drugs. 

We love this fun and innovative way for kids to learn about how to help others, and we figure wearing a cute shirt could be a great intro to starting conversations. For the right kid, the subscription might be a great monthly reminder to  help the world through charitable work. Empathy and style both start early, you know. –Delilah

Find out more about this month’s tee and cause at Mightee Kids.