Every pregnancy is a gift and with this being my third, I still marvel at how miraculous the whole process is. But along with the miracle of life comes other “gifts” like massive indigestion, fatigue, bloating, and well, I’ll spare you the others. Just in time for my final pregnancy, I’m so happy to find a new service that sends moms-to-be like me a box of treats every month to make the pregnancy a little easier.

Mommies First pregnancy care package at Cool Mom Picks

The pregnancy care packages from Mommies First are customized to suit whatever month of pregnancy you are in. The sample box I got during my second trimester included treats like a pregnancy fitness DVD, a full size tube of Novena belly cream (below), a nursing top, a bag of BBQ Popchips (yum), and a cute set of cards that described each item included.

The company takes care in sending the four of five products for your stage of pregnancy, determined from a simple questionnaire you fill out when you sign up for the monthly service.

Novena maternity skin care on Cool Mom Picks

You can just get one box, or start a subscription of 3, 6 or 12-month options–no, you’re not going to be pregnant for 12 months, but there are boxes for moms of babies through the first year.

It’s not exactly cheap, with $30 a month for a single box and discounts for longer plans, but you get full size products (and not tiny little tubes) from companies like Benefit Companies, Au Fait Mama, and Novena–the belly cream they sent me costs $26 alone. Plus with real products like a nursing top, not to mention it’s all shipped free, it’s seriously a great deal especially if you’re looking to explore and find great new pregnancy helpers.

Mommies First pregnancy care package at Cool Mom Picks

Whether you get the Mommies First box for yourself or for another mom-to-be as a great baby shower gift, there’s no doubt that this package will help offset the less-than-pleasant other “gifts” of pregnancy that women have to endure during the long nine months. Jeana

Mommies First boxes start at $30 per month. For more information on subscription plans, check out the Mommies First website.