Whether you need to organize LEGOs, corral Polly Pockets, or secure squirrely Squinkies, the Swoop bag has been our go-to recommendation for smart, easy toy orgnization. And now they’ve got a new to-go version made just for travel,that’s  just as sturdy and brilliant as the larger version. Plus? Ooh, the colors!

Swoop toy bags at Cool Mom Picks!

We love the original Swoop bag for its ability to reduce a huge pile of LEGOs and tiny bits into a tidily contained bundle, so it’s no surprise that we adore the new Swoop Mini

At only 16 inches in diameter, the Swoop Mini is perfect for carrying toys, art supplies, and of course a small portion of your vast LEGO empire that your kid can’t live without when out of the house. The sturdy cotton canvas bag unfolds completely flat to make a colorful circular playspace, and when it’s time to pack up, simply pull the black nylon cords around your haul to make a bag, lock the cords, and toss your bundle of goodies in the car.

Can you see why it’s a mom favorite?

Swoop Mini is made in the USA (yay for small businesses who still do this), and is available in eight bright colors that can be machine washed and dried. You know, just in case your kids decides to swoop up some frogs. I know my troops would definitely want to swoop something goopy.-Delilah

Find the Swoop Mini toy storage bag at the Swoop site for only $24.

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