In the south, your kids may already already be out of school (and you parents scampering for activities to keep them occupied), but up where I live we still have an entire month left. That also means, a whole month left to think of thoughtful teacher gifts.

Looking at Donors Choose this week, I’m so thrilled to see a donation category dedicated just for schools in Moore, Oklahoma that need rebuilding after the recent tornado.

Making a donation to the Donors Choose fund to help Moore, OK Schools in a teacher’s name is such a special gift. This is a general fund put together by the site itself, and earmarked to help the schools in the region that need it most.

Remember, this is a 501(c)3 charity so your donation is deductible, but more important it will go to a whole lot of good. If you have a teacher who’s got enough chocolates, coffee shop gift cards and tote bags to last a life time, I think this is such a smart idea.

Besides, just getting a teacher something that helps so many others is the perfect way to show those kids whose minds he or she has been shaping this year are going to grow up just fine. –Liz

Visit for lots of ways to help schools in need, including those in Moore, Oklahoma