We’ve dusted off the bikes, filled the tires with air, and my kids are now ready to dash around the neighborhood on their trusty rides. But now that they are old enough to venture ahead of me, I think my neighbors will appreciate hearing a little cheery bike bell warning of their approach.

Poketo hand painted bike bells on Cool Mom Picks

If you don’t want any old bike bell, you have to check out what CMP favorite Poketo has in store for your ringing pleasure. The fruity Hand-Painted Fruit Bike Bells are so cheery and bright you can practically hear the ring from here. It’s such a better sound then Hey! Watch out!

Poketo hand painted bike bells on Cool Mom Picks

Choose either the adorable orange or the seed-filled watermelon which are covered in eco-friendly paints by artisans in Canada. They are then baked (the bells, not the artisans) so they still look nice even when the kids forget their bikes out overnight. 

Toes all over your neighborhood will thank you. –Christina

Pick a hand-painted bike bell from Poketo. But, hurry: The watermelon bells are almost all gobbled up.