When I was a little kid, I just scratched mosquito bites until they bled. Like a boss. But now that I like to shave my legs, wear breezy dresses, and not look totally grody, I’m super excited to have found an all-natural salve to help calm the itchies. And it’s great for kids and pregnant women, too.

Organic Anti-itch balm on Cool Mom Picks

I’d been waiting to test Anti Itch Balm until I had, you know, an itch. A very helpful mosquito heard about my plight and proceeded to spend an entire night in my bed. I woke up clamoring for the little pot of all-natural, organic ingredients. I followed the directions, rubbing the salve in rapidly for ten seconds, and much to my surprise, the itchies actually calmed down. Like magic!

The active ingredient is organic peppermint oil…mmmmmm. Other ingredients include soothing herbs and oils that will be familiar to anyone who uses natural products: comfrey, calendula, tamanu oil, chamomile, and more — all in a base of jojoba oil and shea butter. The scent is definitely herbal, mostly peppermint with another scent that reminds me of the fenugreek I took when nursing. But in case that throws you off, it doesn’t linger for long.

Of course, the coolest part is that it actually works to calm that “scratch me now” instinct long enough to let you get back to concentrating — as much as you can with kids around, heh. This salve is a great alternative to the cortisone most anti-itch preparations use, especially considering the potential negative long-term effects steroids can have on babies and kids. So far, I’ve used this stuff on mosquito bites, sunburn, and shaving rash, and it’s worked wonderfully. They say it’s also good for eczema, atopic dermatitis, and fungal infections, too. Take that, itchies! –Delilah

Find Anti Itch Balm at the US Organic website, which seems a little slick and has some language issues, but provides a quality product certified by the USDA.


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