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I always look for facial moisturizers that are oil-free and chemical-free. So that basically leaves…uh, water. Until now. This amazing, natural, one-ingredient spray not only treats eczema and dry skin for babies, kids, and adults, but it also makes my face totally glow, without any of the cystic acne I usually get from oils.

You might say I’m…coconuts for it. Heh.

CapriClear has only one ingredient: fractionated coconut oil, also known as caprylic triglyceride. Basically, you get the benefits of coconut oil without the scent and waxiness, leaving a clear, pure, all-natural spray that’s non-staining, odorless, and a great multitasker.

I’m using Capriclear as my morning and nighttime facial moisturizer, and my skin is flat-out glowing and without a single blemish. I used it when my shoulders were a little pink after vacation, and I use it on my kids after too much time in the pool, and I put it on my legs to get rid of the lingering ashiness of winter. Heck, I even put it in my long hair to make it gleam. 

It’s supposedly fantastic for dealing with eczema and skin that’s dry, sensitive, flaky, or rashy, especially on babies and kids. I’ve used fractionated coconut before, but this is by far the purest preparation with the handiest spray bottle. And it’s priced reasonably, too. Is there anything coconuts can’t do? –Delilah

Find CapriClear at the CapriClear site. It’s endorsed by the National Eczema Association. 


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