I am absolutely fascinated with these posters, which bring classic toys to life in new…or old ways really, by use of vintage patent drawings.

Vintage Slinky poster by Oliver Gal | Cool Mom Picks

The Slinky Poster from art collective Oliver Gal might be my favorite, with it’s 40’s-era textbook style industrial drawings. It seems like a parody at first, only it’s not at all. There’s also a LEGO toy figure from 1979, the original LEGO brick from 1961, a Mr. Potato Head, and then another series of faux blueprints inspired by architectural drawings. But grab them quick–they’re on sale at Fab only another day or two.

60s LEGO poster by Oliver Gal | Cool Mom Picks

Vintage LEGO minifig poster by Oliver Gal | Cool Mom Picks


Mr. Potato Head blueprint poster | Cool Mom Picks

They’re all neat decor options for a cool kids’ room or maybe even your own. I mean, a Slinky belongs anywhere, right? –Liz

Find the Oliver Gal toy posters at their website, or on sale for 50% off at Fab.com with free shipping while they last. Use our invite link to become a member.

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