Miki Miette baby t-shirts at Cool Mom Picks
Having lived in big cities through my entire pre-kids existence, I admit to a pretty intense fondness for designs with an urban edge. So it’s no surprise I fell hard for this creative, city-inspired collection of cool tees for babies (and by proxy, for nostalgic moms).

Miki Miette, a small Los Angeles boutique, offers a cute but limited online selection of clothing for newborns to 24 months. Created by a Japanese designer with a fab eye, the clothes offer a mix of both traditional and urban styles.

Miki Miette baby clothes at Cool Mom Picks

They offer the usual adorable baby wear–like this sweet lavender ruffled outfit (above)–but what really caught my eye are the Artist Collaboration shirts collection. We always love when artists work their magic on cute stuff for kids, and artist collaborations that interpret big cities in a playful, fresh way? Super appealing, whether you or your kids are country or city mice. Designed with undeniable cool and featuring amazing cities such as London, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles and New York, these lightweight 100% cotton t-shirts are a stylish, savvy addition to any baby’s wardrobe. I’m especially fond of the edgy-sweet London tee. Squee!

Miki Miette city t-shirts at Cool Mom Picks

The designs are definitely artistic, with a very cool city-chic vibe. As I mentioned, the offering online is pretty limited, but if you want your baby to rock a little flair from your urban past, you can’t go wrong with one of these hip t-shirts. –Jeana

Baby tees in the Artist Collaboration series start at $24. Check out the Miki Miette website for pricing on other clothing items.


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