You know how it goes. You spend an hour rocking the baby to sleep, carefully tiptoe to the crib, nail the arm-to-mattress transfer, and slip out the door. You’re home free. You’re almost downstairs to the brownies, wine, and Hannibal.

And then some horrible monster comes home and closes a door, and WHAMMO. Tears–until now.

The Latchy Catchy is a nifty little device that slips over your doorknobs to ensure that all closing doors are silent, happy, friendly closing doors. It’s thick enough to keep the door tightly shut and fits all door shapes and sizes–even French or lever handles. And it’s available in oodles of designer fabrics, including chevrons, owls, and solids.

Latchy Catchy on Cool Mom Picks!

Sure, you could use a piece of duct tape. But the Latchy Catchy is handmade, sturdy, pretty, reasonably priced, and can hang from a doorknob when not in use. Add this one to our “new moms will thank you later” baby shower gift list. Now be quiet. YOU MIGHT WAKE UP THE BABY. –Delilah

For quieter doors find the Latchy Catchy door latch cover on Etsy.

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