I’m a big fan of the FEED mission, which sells products to directly feed schoolchildren both at home through Feeding America and abroad via the UN’s World Food Program. Whenever I carry my FEED bag, I’m reminded of the good it did. So I’m excited about their collaboration with Target–but it’s ending soon. So if you haven’t checked it out, now is a great time.

FEED for Target denim handbag | Cool Mom Picks

   FEED for Target foldable bike | Cool Mom Picks



The FEED + Target collaboration includes so many kinds of products; check the Target website and there’s surely something in there that you want, especially considering it supports Feeding America. And psst new parents…check out the adorable baby onesies.



FEED for Target water bottles | Cool Mom Picks

FEED for Target bike helmets | Cool Mom Picks

FEED for Target baby onesies | Cool Mom Picks

FEED for Target cookie cuttters | Cool Mom Picks

I bought my son this $10 lunchbag and showed him the tag, which explains that eight children in the US are being fed by this purchase. He was so excited and he told his fellow campers the next day.

FEED for Target lunch bag | Cool Mom Picks

You’ll get the same thrill whether you’re spending few bucks for playing cards or $400 for what looks like a very cool fold-up bicycle. Personally, I had a hard time not buying the whole lot. Plus all the branding is really cool and tasteful, so if you’re going to wear a logo, this is a good one.Eva

FEED for Target is available online and at Target.com for a limited time.