We have waited three long years to hear Justin Roberts’ newest kindie-pop album. Oh, sure, he gave us an awesome Lullaby CD last year, but we’ve been eagerly awaiting another rollicking CD full of his imaginative lyrics and stick-in-your-head choruses.

Today? The wait is over, everybody.

Justin Roberts' Recess on Cool Mom Picks

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On Recess, Justin Roberts has once again crafted a collection of songs that seems fresh out of the mind of a child. Or a dog, as in the case of Every Little Step which channels the thoughts of the most devoted member of the family.

Setting the tone for the entire CD, Recess gets things started with a high-energy song about the best part of the day for school-aged kids. The sound is vibrant and multi-layered with blasts of horns and plenty of backing voices, as well as drums that will get your head bobbing for sure. And on I’ll Be An Alien, you’ll have to refrain from clapping along, if you’re the one driving the carpool.

Justin Roberts on Cool Mom Picks

One thing I love about Justin Roberts’ voice is that his range covers that sweet spot perfect for family sing-alongs. And with lyrics that are never obvious or boring, these are songs with stories worthy of heavy rotation. In one of my faves, Check Me Out, I’m At The Checkout, he channels the joy of a child running amok in the supermarket. In We Got Two he plays the part of parents overjoyed–and overwhelmed–by the addition of twins. Double cool.

You’ll also hear plenty of what I’d call his trademark ba ba bas, as well as some slower, more wistful tunes like Looking For Trains and Red Bird. But I admit I’ve got a serious weakness for his bouncier tunes. In the super-clever Otis, a child can’t contain his excitement over getting to ride a high-rise building’s elevator. After counting the floors, he wonders, “Where is thirteen?/What does it mean?/Where did it go?” And I give props to Justin Roberts for the clever name choice for the title…but I’ll let you and your posse decipher that one yourselves.

One warning: Your kids may never forgive him for releasing School’s Out (Tall Buildings) on July 23, considering every kid I know is already gearing up for another long year of books and No. 2 pencils. Just remind the kids that they’ll blink and summer will come around again. And hopefully I’ll blink…and there will be another Justin Roberts release, in no time at all. Christina

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