I love picnics, but I hate schlepping giant picnic blankets with me, especially because in New York, we don’t always have car trunks to shove everything into.

Picnic bag + blanket from Yield Design Co | Cool Mom Picks

I was so excited to find this Picnic Bag that converts to a blanket, at Yield Design Co. In five great colors, the duck canvas bags are made with zippers in lieu of seams, cleverly allowing the bag to unfold flat so you can plop right down without adding extra ground cover to your load. When you’re done, zip it up and sling the tote over your shoulder.

Convertible tote bag and picnic blanet | Cool Mom Picks

It’s also great for moms who always need an emergency “ew, don’t sit there!” cover for their kids in the park. You know who you are. –Liz

Pack your next picnic feast in the portable picnic blanket tote bag by Yield Design Co.

[h/t kevin sharkey]