The idea of a service that let’s you order bras online with “virtual” fitters–well, call me a skeptic. A big skeptic. Until I found this brilliant (seriously) service that…wow. This is not like any online bra shop I’ve ever seen.

True & Co bras | Cool Mom Picks

True & Co is like having a personal lingerie shopper at your service, without the indignity of her feeling you up in the fluorescent-lit dressing room.

You just answer a few very specific, multiple choice questions about the fit of your bra: Things like how the bra straps fit, the shape of your breasts, which hook on your bra gets the most love, and the brand and size of your current favorite bra.

true & co bra fitting questionaire | cool mom picks

Based on your answers, they create your own personalized shop for you complete with bras, panties, loungewear and accessories. Grab what you like now, or heart them to save to your wishlist.

(Isn’t it funny that “heart” is now a verb? Anyway.)

You’ll find bras that “fit like your current fave” along with new ones you might want to check out. They range from sporty to va-va-voom, and the prices are comparable with what you find in a department store. So a pretty DKNY push-up is $45, a serious Shock Absorber sports bra is $59 and an boudoir-ready number from Lou Paris is pushing $90.

True & Co bra selection | Cool Mom Picks

Now here’s what’s special: You pick up to 5 bras to try at home for a $45 deposit–and they’ll send you an equal number that they hand-pick for you.They arrive beautifully packaged, and you keep what you want (Columbia Record + Tape Club style) and return the rest for free.

true and co bras | cool mom picks

True & Co let me try out the service and my experience? They nailed it. Big time.

All three of the bras they sent me rocked. As for my picks, only one out of the three worked for me. Gah. Turns out maybe I am not the best judge of my own boobs after all. But the returns were really easy and the customer service, phenomenal.

I had several friends try it as well and they were all thrilled–including my bra-hating mom–so it’s not just me.

This is an amazing service for those of you too busy to go bra shopping, or if you’re in a rut and just want to find something new. Or potentially better-fitting. The only caveat is that you’d better be a good package-returner because after a week, you keep them and pay for them if you don’t return them (using a preprinted USPS label; they do make it easy in that sense). Also, it’s not easy to shop by brand. But in a way that’s what works about it too. It’s about fit and look–not any preconception about what you should own.

I also like that you can also go back and change your answers at any time and adjust the selections in your shop, since we all know that our bodies change. In fact I’ve already revised one of my answers: The brand and size of my favorite bra. Because now it’s one I discovered from True & Co. –Liz

You can check out True & Co through this invitation link and you’ll get a free limited edition “explore” panty with your first purchase. (It’s cute.) And when you refer a friend, you’ll get a discount towards your own next purchase. Thanks to True & Co for letting us try out their service.