I’m a huge fan of email, instant messaging, text messaging, direct messaging, and wishing people happy birthday on Facebook. If there’s a way to reach out and touch someone with kind words, hey, I support it. But a handwritten note is still my favorite way to let people know I’m thinking of them. Because I’m old-school like that.

hello card set on etsy | cool mom picks

The Hello Card set from Quill and Fox on Etsy is just right for those just-because notes. No need to obsess over which sentiment is appropriate, which design is clever enough, or even how to start your note. They’re all perfection.

I’m partial to the typewriter with the parrot perched on the carriage return (remember those?), but they’re all simply lovely, printed on quality stationery. I’m ready to stash a set so I can send more handwritten notes. Because I know I’d be overjoyed to find any one of them in my own mailbox with a short note from a dear friend. Julie

Find the Hello Card set and other stationery at Quill and Fox on Etsy.