Whether you can’t wait for the school bus to come, or you wish summer would never quit, it’s nice to remember all those teachers who are revving up for another year of hard work.

And I can’t think of a better gift for those hardworking teachers than one that says, “Thanks! I hope my kid doesn’t get you sick in the first month.”


Miss Bee's Boutique Soap Dispenser | Cool Mom Picks


Miss Bee’s Boutique’s personalized soap dispenser is a great gift for a new homeroom teacher. What teacher doesn’t need a big vat of antibacterial soap at the ready to fight back all those sneezes, sniffles, and stomach aches that come marching into the classroom each day? And with the personalized bottle, it won’t get snagged by another teacher and whisked away to another classroom. 

But we love it most of all because it’s a thoughtful, totally unpretentious gift…definitely not a glitzy first-day bribe. In other words, your child’s teacher won’t open it, gasp, and then wonder if you’re just buttering them up for a year with your Ferris Bueller. –Christina

Check out the personalized teacher’s soap dispenser at Miss Bee’s Boutique.