With kids heading back to school (um, where did summer go?), it’s time to start that long process of putting their names on everything they own. And that’s where school labels makes it so much easier. Especially this DIY version which can save you a ton of money, and let you have some fun in the process.

Sometimes (like when you have a whole lot of children) investing in a whole bunch of labels when you’re also buying new school supplies, clothes, gym uniforms, and shoes can seem a little daunting. So that’s where the Printable Personalized Label Set from the printable masters at Anders Ruff comes in.

For only $14, they’ll send you a printable formatted PDF file in either a pink or blue theme. Print as many as you want, on whatever label paper you want, with whatever names you want. So you can totally do labels for every kid in your house.


printable personalized labels for kids | cool mom picks

Because you’re printing these labels at home, it’s important to remember the quality of the labels will depend on how you print them, and the kind of adhesive you have. And if you’re looking for dishwasher or washing-machine safe, stick with sets like Mabel’s Labels. The printable ones, you’ll want to use for notebooks and school supplies.

I do love that one purchase now will be good forever and ever. Which means your kids can label their things until long after they outgrow the losing them stage. Because they do eventually stop losing every single thing, don’t they?

Get your own printable personalized label set at Anders Ruff and let the labeling obsession begin!

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