My love of perfume is equaled only by my hatred for perfume counters. How is a busy mom supposed to find interesting new boutique fragrances that don’t smell like your grandmother’s purse? Easy. Try this new monthly subscription and have them delivered to your door.

Bergamot subscription is, in a word, brilliant. Much like all the monthly subscription boxes we love, this company, headed by three friends, sifts through the thousands of products out there to bring you carefully curated fragrances that you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise.

Each month’s affordable box includes three 2mL spray bottles and is beautifully packaged, including an illustrated booklet that gives you a long description of the scent’s notes (don’t you love perfume poetry?) and a lowdown of what it evokes and when to wear it.

The theme of the box I tried was Love at First Sight, and I just can’t say enough good things about the entire experience. The box is darling, the booklet is informative and interesting, and the three scents all appeal in different ways but are complex, unique, and utterly wearable. Each month has a different theme, and I’ll definitely sign up for October’s Indian Summer box.

If you can’t live without one of your samples, full-size bottles are available for sale directly from Bergamot, the same way Birchbox works. In gratitude, Bergamot will send you the next month’s sample box for free. Or you can pass the love on to a friend. A friend you really like a lot.

Bergamot monthly fragrance subscription | Cool Mom Picks

These are not your grandma’s perfumes, nor are they the perfumes you smell at the perfume counter, or at carpool, or anywhere, really. They’re the sort of alluring scents that catch you by surprise once in a blue moon when you lean in to hug someone–and when you ask what it is and where she got it, she just smiles mysteriously. Yeah, that kind of super gorgeous cool.

I’m going to go back to sniffing my wrists now. That Love by MCMC Fragrance is incredible. –Delilah

Sign up for your monthly fragrance subscription at Bergamot. The cost is $14 to $18 per month, including free shipping, with discounts for longer subscriptions.

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