I know I know, kids get so much candy on Halloween that sometimes it’s fun to find treats and goodie bag ideas that don’t involve candy at all. Sometimes, yes, and sometimes now. Instead of handing out plain ol’ bags of candy, here are a few treat ideas for your classroom Halloween party that I really love, complete with the printables to pull them off. 

At the Anders Ruff shop, you’ll find a Halloween printable for pretty much any need at all, including this very awesome DIY S’mores Bag topper. Just insert a mini chocolate bar, graham crackers and a marshmallow or two and you’re good to go.

Probably not the best for handing out at your front door though, unless you’re in the kind of neighborhood where everyone knows you and loose candy isn’t going to get tossed–but perfect for parties and classrooms.

printable halloween glow stick wrappers by anders ruff | cool mom picks

I also love the printables for glow stick wrappers which you can fill with fun Hallowen pencils, Pixie Stix, or pretzel rods dipped in chocolate and orange sprinkles if you’re on the homemade treat train.


printable halloween goodie bags from anders ruff | cool mom picks

And of course creepy toys and silly masks are always perfect Halloween treats, and these Trick OR Treat Bag printables give you a fun way to package them. “Tricks” are a nice alternative to treats, if you’re looking for one. You know, on the outside chance that the kids will be getting more than enough sugar already on Halloween. Just a wild guess.

At the Anders Ruff Shop, purchase a full set of Halloween party printables, or just the individual PDFs you need for Halloween goodie bag and more for $5.50 each.


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