I will never be the mom who gets my tween daughter a Tiffany anything (besides maybe a charm for her charm bracelet that I’m still holding onto for her) but on the other end, I’m admittedly about those $4 necklaces that are probably made with more lead than precious metals. Still, I love the idea of getting her something that feels special and all her own without spending a fortune, and I found some great ideas in a surprising place.

At RH Baby and Child–that’s Restoration Hardware, only rebranded–there’s a sweet selection of jewelry for girls that’s spot-on perfect for tweens and young teens. It also happens to be on sale right now.

Heart locket for girls at RH Baby and Child | Cool Mom Picks

I’m leaning towards the gold-plated petite etoile necklaces from Parisian company Hop Hop Hop that start at $49 and come in three colors plus that cute little crystal bead. Along the same lines are little lockets for girls in various sizes starting at just $39 on sale, and even one shaped like a heart.

Personalized leather wrap bracelets for girls | Cool Mom Picks

There are plenty of other options that are really sweet, including some great bracelets. And the personalized bar necklaces are their top of the line, at $89 which actually isn’t bad for quality silver and bronze.

But come on, is there a girl on Earth who can resist a locket? A heart-shaped locket? –Liz

Find the collection of jewelry for girls on sale for a limited time at RH Baby and Child.