It can be hard to find quality, not-neon-and-rubber-bands craft kits for girls in the ten to twelve age range (not that we don’t love Rainbow Looms!), but these three projects are sweeter than tea and crumpets.

Pincushion craft kit for tweens | Cool Mom Picks

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Our pals at Cattiwampus have three sweet craft kits for tween girls from Brit company The Little Experience that are just right for those outgrowing the little kid stuff.

The Tea Time Cakes Pincushion Sewing Kit pictured above includes everything needed to make three delicious-looking tea cakes, including felt, thread, needle, pins, scissors, and stuffing. Real cake, sadly, is not included.

London Bus pincushion kit | Cool Mom Picks

This London Bus Pincushion Sewing Kit is also a self-contained afternoon craft that includes everything in an adorable traveling case. Are you catching the theme? One stop craft shopping! Bonus: If she’s into Harry Potter, this could totally be the Night Bus.

Vintage Purse Sewing Kit | Cool Mom Picks

And we love this dainty Vintage Purse Sewing Kit, too. Timeless, useful, and a unique way to store that smartphone she got for her birthday.

Whether you need a birthday gift that isn’t spackled in peace signs, glitter, and unrealistic doll bodies or you want something special to keep in the craft closet for those dull and rainy, oh-so-British afternoons, these are a great way to encourage focus, care, and a great outcome. I recommend delivering the craft kit with those chocolate biscuits the Queen Mother loves so much.-Delilah

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