There’s no excuse in the world for boring bookends. And this shop is the end-all, be-all of bookends, with everything from animals to plants to robots. 

Brooklyn Bridge bookends | Cool Mom Picks

Design Atelier Article is a Ukrainian artisan duo that creates super cool minimalist bookends in laser-cut steel with vibrant, powder-coated finishes. They’re seriously awesome.

Fox bookend | Cool Mom Picks

Octopus bookends | Cool Mom Picks

Robot bookend | Cool Mom Picks

Tree bookends | Cool Mom Picks

Bicycle book ends | Cool Mom Picks

You’ll find bears, horses, cats, keys, pears, and tons of the most popular motifs are just waiting to sit on your bookshelf–or your children’s, of course. Some of them are even on sale, including those cool octopus tentacles–you’ll just have to check them all out and squeal. 

The artists are located in the Ukraine, so shipping will cost more and take longer than you’re accustomed to. But bookends, like books, are forever. –Delilah

Find stylish, powder-coated, cool bookends at Design Atelier Article on Etsy.

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