My daughter is at that sweet age where she’s still fascinated by all things “fancy,” which equals “grown-up” to her six-year-old mind. She loves a great fairy tale, but she’s getting a little tired of the damsels in distress. So I’m sooo excited that this week I found a brand new book that has totally captured her attention–and we get to give you a first look at it here. 

Fairy Birds book | Cool Mom Picks | Cover

Fairy Birds by twin sisters Heather Fujikawa and Heidi Andrews tells the story of how girls grow up to become fairy godmothers–a novel idea if I’ve ever heard one.

The first book in the series launches tomorrow and focuses on five girls who are headed off to fairy school. To earn their colorful wings, they must learn different character traits, like giving, which earns them the pink feather. In the last page of the book you’ll find a little packet of heart confetti for us to sprinkle as we learn to give, too. So fun, especially for sparkle-happy fairies in training!

Fairy Birds | Cool Mom Picks

The illustrations are beautiful and the characters are the perfect mix of sweet and spunky, plump and skinny, stylish and messy, and totally playful. The landscape is all broad strokes and pink and purple trees and balloons full of confetti. The illustrations just exude joy.

Fairy Birds | Cool Mom Picks | accessories

It seems that most books these days come with licensed merch tie-ins, and Fairy Birds is no exception. Because Heidi and Heather are also designers and the visionaries behind the celeb-loved accessories True Birds, they’ve created a line of kids’ accessories to go along with the books (which of course your kids will want if they know about them–fair warning). 

This sweet video shows you how the merchandise ties in to the story. Unlike most mass-produced stuff though, these happen to be really, really nice quality–made right in their home studios.  So I don’t even mind that my daughter wants to wear Capri’s denim headband or Coco’s hair clips.

And hey, if it brings her back to the book again and again, I’m all for it. –Kate

Let your daughter take flight with the Fairy Birds ($16.95) releasing this week.