There’s something about Thanksgiving that brings out the sentimental side of our ordinarily feisty family. In part it’s the memory of family who’s no longer with us, in part it’s seeing the next generation start to fill their seats–if still with boosters in the chair. So I really am smitten with this printable Family Trivia Game DIY project at Martha Stewart that’s super easy to make and might be a fun way to keep the conversation rolling.

You can let one family member create a master list of questions, and then everyone has to fill out their own answers in their booklet. Or more fun, ask each person to come up with their own list of questions, then go around the table and see who remembers your grandma’s best friend’s name from childhood, or which now grown cousin stuck his entire face into the cheesecake when he was a toddler.

It could end up being your new favorite tradition. After the passive-aggressive uber competitive pie bake-off, of course.

Find instructions for the  Family Trivia Game DIY project and download the free printable PDF for a Family Trivia booklet for Thanksgiving… and other family gatherings. 

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