A coloring book can make a fantastic holiday gift for kids: It doesn’t require batteries, it’s portable for the trip home, and you can start using it right away. Now here’s a new one that’s fantastic for another reason besides the fact that it’s just so darn cool.

We’ve written about Little Collector before, a great shop whose artwork from major artists supports the nonprofit Rx Art which gets amazing pieces into hospitals and facilities whose patients can use a little inspiration. Their new Rx Art Coloring Book Vol IV was designed by Matt Murphy Design and underwritten by Warby Parker (yay, Warby Parker!) and filled with amazing modern art to make your own, from more than 50 diverse artists. Plus? Stickers and pop-up coloring masks. Instant hit.

Rx Art Coloring Book Vol IV | Cool Mom PIcks

Rx Art Coloring Book for Kids | Cool Mom Picks

Laurie Simmons for Rx Art | Cool Mom PIcks

RxArt coloring book cover | Cool Mom Picks

It’s so fun for kids when every page is completely different, plus $20 is a pretty sweet price for 112 coloring pages — not one of them clip-art from a Saturday morning cartoon character. If you have two kids, get two. Trust me. –Liz

Find the Rx Art Coloring Book Vol IV online at RxArt.Net. The book will also be in children’s hospitals around the country, with 100% of the sales benefit Rx Art.


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