I love the warmth and comfort that vintage pieces can express. They bring to mind a slower pace and remind me to focus on the moment and quit rushing so much. I need that sometimes. But there’s a really fine line between that  charming and out-of-touch, right? Polyester crocheted afghan? No. Modern screen printing on vintage china? Yes.

Meet Nina van de Goor, a graphic designer based in the Netherlands who does some amazing work. She’s the perfect mix of whimsy and modern, and I’ve fallen in love with her whole shop, Ninainvorm.

Vintage-inspired art at Nininvorm | Cool Mom Picks

Nina designs some amazing poster prints, which would be totally charming in a baby’s room. I’m pretty sure I’m done having babies, but I have to admit—her Patches #1 print really give me the itch to decorate a nursery again.

Ninainvorm personalized vintage plates | Cool Mom Picks

I think the most unique items in Nina’s shop are the vintage plates that she finds in local markets in the Netherlands, then she screen prints them with modern details like banners, polka dots, or your child’s name or some other sweet sentiment. These are customizable, and they’d be an amazing gift for your child that they’d keep for your grandchildren one day.

Nina in Vorm | Cool Mom Picks | vintage china and teacups

These blue and white plates and teacups are vintage 1960s and feature Dutch costumes from six different regions around the country. They’d be cool enough to purchase just on their own, but the colorful screen printing with buntings, dots, and hearts make this really stunning. My heart is racing over these. Love. Love. Love.

Ninainvorm writing paper | Cool Mom Picks

I read recently that Americans only receive an average of 1 personal letter every two months by mail. This makes me sad, but this writing paper makes me really happy. Maybe I’ll get back into the letter-writing habit with paper as pretty and happy as this.

Ninainvorm Spirograph pitcher | Cool Mom Picks

When I was a kid, I could sit and draw with my spirograph for hours. So I am dying to get this adorable spirograph milk pitcher for my kid’s cereal in the mornings. So sweet yet so modern. It’s just perfect.

Visit Nina van de Goor’s Etsy shop to see all her amazing modern meets vintage creations. They’ll make great gifts for the holidays!


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