For all the complaining I may do about tough days with my kids –the temper tantrums, the homework, the incessant snack preparation, and on and on– there’s not a gift that makes me smile bigger than anything personalized with their lovely names. Especially jewelry. Being able to keep my littles close to me and think of them when they aren’t around makes me blissfully forgetful of the last angry thing they shouted at me as we got ready for school in the morning.

That’s why the new Tiny Nameplate Rings from mom-run CMP favorite company Julian & Co. would be a perfect gift for me this year (ahem, just in case anyone in my gift-giving circle might be reading this). They’re the sweetest and, yes, tiniest little rings with space to inscribe up to 7 characters on each side. Think dates, names, nicknames. Or at least small ones.

I love the idea of getting one with each of my kids’ names and stacking them or even wearing them together on a chain as a necklace.

Because the rings are teeny weeny, even in 14K gold (yellow, white, and rose) they are pretty affordable as a special Christmas gift. But in sterling silver, they’re even more attainable. And I can think of lots of people on my Christmas list who would love these – they aren’t all mamas, either.

Find the Personalized Nameplate Rings and all kinds of beautiful personalized gift options at Julian & Co. And if you’re talking to my husband, send him the link, would you? Thanks.