I have never been a huge biscotti fan. It’s often dry, a bit devoid of flavor, and to be honest, tastes stale to me. And then I found biscotti from Bella’s Home-Baked Goods and behold, for the Italian dessert angels did shine upon us all.

Any good biscotti maker can be judged by the classic almond biscotti and this one is exquisite — light, crunchy but not break-your-teeth crunchy, just the right amount of sweetness, and plenty of fresh almond flavor; any foodie would approve. I’m sure the result has to do with the natural, high-quality ingredients they use in these hand-rolled treats.  Flavors range from cranberry-orange, to toasted coconut chip, to cherry chocolate amaretto. But in my mind, the baked piece de resistance is the truly outrageous salted caramel biscotti.

Be careful: You cannot stop at just 67.

Just in time for holiday gifting: a limited-edition peppermint stick biscotti that’s delicious, and a gingered harvest biscotti that I have yet to try but am ready and willing. They do come in basic little plastic containers, even if they come wrapped with big red bows, but it’s easy to transfer into something just as wonderful as the cookies inside.

My parents introduced me to Bella’s biscotti and I haven’t stopped thanking them. One more thing I owe them for.

Visit Bella’s Home-Baked Goods for outrageous biscotti including sugar-free and gluten-free varieties. You’ll get free shipping through 12/15 with orders of 4 boxes of biscotti or more.

There’s also a biscotti of the month club if you’re really obsessed. As for me, I could just eat the salted caramel one every month.