I love my peppermint mocha latte as much as the next girl, so it’s a shame they’re gone so fast that all I’m left with is a whipped cream mustache and fond memories. But when you combine the delicious scent of peppermint and cocoa with luscious body products backed by organic and fair trade production, you’ve got a heavenly match that lasts longer than five mouth-burning minutes of bliss.

Moksa Organics is a company based on love for nature, activism, and peace, so you know this Mistletoe Holiday Bath Set is as kind to the world as it is to your skin. The Mistletoe Soap has a lovely, nubbly texture that provides exfoliation without scratches, thanks to ground oatmeal and peppermint leaves, but it makes a fine lather and fills the shower with, yes, the scent of a peppermint mocha. The Mistletoe Body Butter is super thick, made with organic shea and coconut butter, so it feels like actual butter and takes some rubbing to melt into your skin. Though the results are worth it, as my elbows aren’t doing that dry, wrinkly elephant trunk thing, even with the heater blasting.

Although the products have a lovely scent during use, the odor isn’t heavy or lasting, so it shouldn’t interfere with your favorite fragrance or knock over anyone at the movies.

Does it cost a little more than the drugstore stuff? Yep. That’s because fair trade business practices, certified organic ingredients, fair wages, women’s cooperatives, and sustainable business practices are priceless. Plus, no parabens, sulfates, preservatives, or yucky chemicals. The only bad news is that you (or your lucky gift recipient) will be craving peppermint mochas for the rest of the day.

Find the Mistletoe Holiday Bath Set at Moksa Organics. Cool Mom Picks readers can get 15% off with code COOLMOMPICKS. Order by December 19 for Christmas delivery. If you have any trouble with the coupon code, please email moksaorganics@gmail.com.