Well, cool moms, one thing is clear: you love your drinks as much as I love mine so of course I’d put together some delicious champagne cocktails for you just for New Year’s Eve.

Together we’ve filled our glasses with festive holiday cocktails, sipped on boozy eggnogs, and even whipped up cocktail/mocktail pairings to keep our non-drinking loved ones in the party mix. But bubbles seems the perfect way to end the year. So raise your glasses one last time this year: here’s to an awesomely fantastic 2014!

Featured photo: Bubbly cocktails by Maxime Lattoni, via Saveur.


French 74 champagne cocktail recipe from Saveur

I have to start with a classic, and one of my favorite bubbly cocktails: the French 75. This version from Saveur is made just how it should, with only gin, lemon, simple syrup, and champagne, to get a perfectly balanced floral, citrus flavor.

Spiced Citrus Champagne cocktail recipe via the Kitchn. Perfect for New Year's or Sunday brunch!

I love the simplicity of this Spiced Citrus Champagne cocktail from The Kitchn. You make a a spiced simple syrup and mix it with champagne and a splash of orange juice. Festive, easy, and elegant!

Red Ginger Fizz champagne cocktail recipe on the William-Sonoma blog

I’ve seen pomegranate juice paired with champagne before, but I love how this Red Ginger Fizz spied on on the Williams-Sonoma blog also throws in some ginger liqueur for good measure. And a deliciously spicy blast, too!

Sage Ginger Prosecco cocktail recipe via Local Milk

If you like the sound of ginger and bubbly, but go for drinks more savory than sweet, this Sage Ginger Prosecco from Local Milk will do you right. Sweet, earthy, and mellow, this cocktail feels like the perfect drink for a intimate and cozy New Year’s Eve celebration with close friends.

White Peach and Cardamom Bellini cocktail recipe from Fashionably Bombed

The Society Sparkler, a white peach and cardamom Bellini, from Fashionably Bombed sounds mouthwatering, but really earns points for the genius edible gold star rim. New Year’s Eve perfection!


Bubbly Manhattan cocktail recipe from Food 52

I started on a classic note but am ending on an unconventional one–this Bubbly Manhattan from Food52 gets its bubbles from India Pale Ale as opposed to Champagne or prosecco. Don’t let that fool you, though. Made with a good rye whiskey, this drink packs a humble—and delicious—punch.